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Digital doctoral thesis defences are here to stay

The other week, one of my doctoral students defended their thesis. Their opponent was from England but was stuck at their holiday home in France due to travel restrictions. The grading committee sat in Madrid, Paris and Stockholm, plus a reserve member in Luleå. Digital defences reduce travel and raise the quality. The discussion and … Continue reading “Digital doctoral thesis defences are here to stay”

“Storträffar” good for quality

One way of working with and further developing quality at a university such as KTH is via “Storträffar”. Such meet-ups are an arena for exchanging experiences and cooperation for all categories of employee. Gatherings of this kind have been arranged every spring and autumn since autumn 2016. These meet-ups are open to everyone at KTH … Continue reading ““Storträffar” good for quality”

Broadening the base at KTH

What can KTH offer someone who lacks the formal qualifications to enrol on our university and Master of Science in Engineering degree courses? Is there a path to embark on an engineering study programme that also offers a second chance with the focus on problem solving, creative thinking and training in good study technique? Absolutely. … Continue reading “Broadening the base at KTH”

Lifelong learning to be a good teacher

What does a university teacher need to learn? Is it enough to train to become a researcher, know your subject and been exposed to teachers through your entire education, to develop into a good teacher yourself? Most people would probably say no, just as you obviously will not become a good surgeon after having undergone … Continue reading “Lifelong learning to be a good teacher”


What do we mean by the relationship between education and research? Is there more to this than incorporating current research into courses and offering students the opportunity to participate in research projects? Absolutely – much, much more. The close relationship between teaching and research is at the very core of a university. One fundamental principle … Continue reading “Research+Education=True”