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Several paths to future education

Monday saw the autumn Storträff meeting on the theme Finding Paths to the Future of Education. Following introductory proceedings by the university president, student union president and head of programme management, looking both backwards and forwards at educational matters, there were group-based, forward-looking discussions on 30 different topics voted for by the participants. The topics … Continue reading “Several paths to future education”

KTH equips students for the future

Over the past year, the Board of Education has intensified work on future learning environments and educational models on behalf of the President. A possible way forward has been crafted, based on a situation analysis. The analysis has embraced internal and external workshops, external analyses, literature reviews, field trips, and participation in national and international … Continue reading “KTH equips students for the future”

Building the education of the future together

Our latest storträff meeting was held this week. This time on the theme of future education. After the 150 or so participants had been given a summarising lecture on the results to date within the framework of future education, work continued in groups. A very successful meet-up. The very strength of these storträff meetings lies … Continue reading “Building the education of the future together”

Compass set to the future

Last week, I took part in the Association of Swedish Higher Education Institutions (SUHF) annual conference in Luleå on the theme of universities of the future, to which several international speakers had been invited. This week, several KTH colleagues and I visited the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU) in Trondheim to hear about … Continue reading “Compass set to the future”