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Sustainable collaboration within the Stockholm Trio gives new opportunities

University Alliance Stockholm Trio is a collaboration between KTH, Karolinska Institute and Stockholm University. As part of this, Stockholm Trio for Sustainable Action was launched on 1 June in conjunction with the conference entitled Stockholm+50: a healthy planet for the prosperity of all – our responsibility, our opportunity”. However, work began just over a year … Continue reading “Sustainable collaboration within the Stockholm Trio gives new opportunities”

Are political parties ignorant of energy efficiency?

One of the most important electoral issues this year is energy. It’s impossible to miss, given all the debate there has been, which has tended to focus on the timetable for making the energy system more sustainable by decarbonising primary energy. However, the main topic of discussion at present is higher electricity prices and energy … Continue reading “Are political parties ignorant of energy efficiency?”

Lost in compensation

Net zero carbon, climate positive, net zero climate footprint, negative emissions. And yet. What do all these concepts actually mean? Who can you trust? How can I know what is pure greenwashing, in other words, that a company merely gives the impression of being environment friendly, and what is a genuinely reasonable effort? It is … Continue reading “Lost in compensation”

Broad discussions and sustainable solutions

As the theme for my blog this week, I have chosen two different examples of international collaboration within the sustainability area. On Monday and Tuesday 27-28 September, we organised a fourth joint workshop on the theme of sustainable development, together with Tokyo University, Stockholm University and the Karolinska Institute. This year’s conference addressed five different … Continue reading “Broad discussions and sustainable solutions”