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A toiletry bag for teachers

What we anticipate in the coming years is that all students at KTH should gain fundamental knowledge in the area of equal opportunities by integrating this into first cycle education. And that this should be mandatory. I have previously reported that KTH is actively working to integrate an equal opportunities perspective into first cycle education. … Continue reading “A toiletry bag for teachers”

What’s wrong a compliment?

In autumn 2017, we were reminded that sexual harassment not only occurs in front of the camera, but also behind the scenes. The way the #metoo movement swept the world, including Sweden, showed that sexual harassment happens in a variety of sectors and contexts. A similar hashtag, #akademiuppropet, also emerged in academia, which has led … Continue reading “What’s wrong a compliment?”

The meaning of words

We have been working on gender equality, diversity and equal conditions and opportunities issues for some time. What does this mean? This is something many people outside KTH ask. Within KTH, we have given these issues the abbreviation JML from the Swedish words for them. I will come back to this abbreviation but would first … Continue reading “The meaning of words”

Anna Wahl on equality

Vice President for Gender equality and values and Professor in Gender, organization and management In this blog I will write about norms, power and leadership and how they relate to each other. But also about how to work in everyday life for increased gender equality and how to take the temperature of an organization’s culture … Continue reading “Anna Wahl on equality”