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Horizon Europe offers big opportunities for researchers

KTH has been and continues to be successful within the EU research and innovation framework programme. For example, we have participated in more projects than any other Swedish university or college. The EU is an important organisation in all KTH’s research areas. We are currently looking to recruit cutting edge know-how via the EU framework … Continue reading “Horizon Europe offers big opportunities for researchers”

Research centres and the art of teamwork

We have a very large research side at KTH that is run in the form of Research Centres. This is a structured form of cooperation between academia, industry and society that focuses on a specific problem area. Long term and often relatively substantial financing enables knowledge to be developed and critical mass achieved within areas … Continue reading “Research centres and the art of teamwork”

Quality goes together with development

How can a university continuously improve? How do we raise the quality of what we do?  If we want to be an internationally competitive university, we need to continuously work at this, to develop our education and research, maintain this high quality and at the same time, undergo regular renewal. Those of us in research … Continue reading “Quality goes together with development”

Annika Stensson Trigell on research

Vice President for Research and Professor in Vehicle Dynamics In this blog I will write about research collaborations, its funding and the importance of collaborating with other researchers and the surrounding community. In addition, the importance of research is to always question, find solutions and insistent test the boundaries of what is possible.