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The Visualization Studio

The Visualization Studio, VIC, at KTH hosts state-of-the-art technology supporting high-end graphics and visualization of complex data over many platforms, from hand-held mobile devices to wall-sized 4K displays to immersive augmented and virtual reality environments. It supports cutting-edge interaction including gesture- and speech-based control, haptic feedback, eye tracking, and multitouch. VIC benefits from its tight coupling with the supercomputing center (PDC) at KTH, which, for example, houses Beskow, one of the fastest supercomputers in Scandinavia.

The studio is a research environment with modern technology for visualization and interaction where students, researchers and industry meet. The studio opened at the end of 2011, and since then has continued to host various activities, such as workshops, lectures, events and talks. The visualization studio is used as an education and lab environment for researchers and students who want to explore the technology and its uses, and thus many courses take place partially or completely in the studio.