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The primary purpose of the studio is to facilitate teaching related to visualization. The studio hosts lectures with our famous wall-mounted 4K screen as well as lab-sessions with foldable tables scattered all over the studio. The spacious floor planning makes it possible to convert the lab from a lecture hall, seating 50+ students, to a lab environment within minutes.

Courses held in VIC

Advanced Graphics and Interaction

Project-based course where the goal is to create and publicly present some very impressive projects combining state-of-the art hardware, graphics, and interaction techniques.

Advanced Graphics and Interaction (DH2413)

Information Visualization

In this course, you will learn how to preprocess and transform data, how to map it to visual structures and create interactive views. Through theory and examples, we will see different techniques and principles of information visualization that you will put into practice with individual and group projects. You will implement interactive visualizations applied to practical situations and get the opportunity to collaborate with the industry and public sector.

Information Visualization (DH2321)


The focus of this course is on discussing efficient techniques to visually represent large-scale data sets from simulation and measurement. We will discuss the visualization pipeline, data structures, mapping techniques and special rendering techniques for data from different application domains such as fluid dynamics, climate research, medicine or biology. Various examples will be given to outline the benefits of visualization techniques in practical applications.

Visualization (DD2257)

Computer Graphics and Interaction

This course will teach you underlying principles and techniques of computer graphics and interaction. We will start from a high level of abstraction and look at the core processes underlying image generation and relate them to underlying physical processes. During the course you will implement several different interactive graphics techniques.

Computer Graphics and Interaction (DH2323)

Introduction to Visualization and Computer Graphics

The course includes both theory and practical aspects. A number of tutorials will deepen the understanding of the course content using theoretical and practical assignments.

Introduction to Visualization and Computer Graphics (DH2320)

Computer Game Design

Computer games are interesting from an HCI perspective in many ways. The games have to be understandable for the players immediately, with a minimum of instructions, and at the same time be challenging. Computer games are today pushing the technology for interaction and include knowledge from, among other subjects, HCI, Computer Science, AI, Computer Graphics, and Mathematics.

Computer Game Design (DH2650)

Multimodal Interactions and Interfaces

Humans are using multimodality extensively to communicate with each other, either simultaneously (in face-to-face conversations) or alternatively (using speech, writing, gestures, touch). The communication with computers has on the other hand traditionally employed few modalities: the user provides input with keyboard or mouse and the computer responds visually, in the form of text or icons.

Multimodal Interactions and Interfaces (DT2140)

Cooperative IT-design

This course aims at giving knowledge and experience from methods for cooperative design in an innovative design process.

Cooperative IT-design (DH2655)