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Information Visualization

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Visualization of H2020 Funding

Welcome to Information Visualization!

Information Visualization is the art of helping people paint ideas from data.

Course Description

After this class, you will be able to:

  1. Collaborate in groups and work alone to create fully-functioning information visualization systems that facilitate actionable insight through interactive data transformations, visual mappings, and view transformations.
  2. Defend your design choices through deep domain knowledge.
  3. Constructively criticize other information visualization systems using domain theory and practices.
  4. Explain and demonstrate your information visualization systems to wide audiences, from novices to experts.
  5. Elicit constructive criticism from users of your information visualization systems.

To achieve this goal, you will work on a number of projects and readings. You will get a grade (A>=91%, B>=81%, C>=71%, D>=61%, E>=51%, F<50%). For greater detail review the Canvas page of the year you are taking the course.

Canvas IVIS2024: https://canvas.kth.se/courses/44851