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Information Visualization 2016 students

NEWS April 14, 2016:

KTH Visualization Studio won six of the eight categories at the C-Awards tonight, April 14, 2016. The winners are:

  • Solid: Best Business Opportunity, Best Research Opportunity, People's Choice Award
  • GitSpace: Best Technical Excellence
  • Color Splat: Best Public Magnet
  • Intereator: Best Interaction Design

Congratulations everyone who participated and congratulations to the winners! You did good.

C-Awards 2016 Winners

The Visualization Studio is proud to announce the C-Awards submission of a record-breaking 19 projects from 120 students in Mario Romero's courses: Information Visualization, Advanced Graphics and Interaction, and Multimodal Interaction and Interfaces. Please, vote for your favorite project! The Visualization Studio achieved 14 of the 21 nominations! Also, 9 of the 15 projects with nominations are from us! We congratulate our students on their hard work and success! We wish them the best luck this Thursday, April 14.

Information Visualization

Meeble Web Video

MEEBLE combines automatic speech recognition and interactive information visualization to optimize the productivity of your teleconferences by providing visual analytics of the spoken discussions. C-Awards Page.

Smoothly Web Video

Smoothly provides a fluid tablet visualization informing the process of selecting the most nutritionally balanced ingredients to create not only the tastiest but the healthiest smoothies. C-Awards Page.

WindMind Web Video

WindMind supports eolic energy harvesting in Tanzania by providing engineers on the ground a dashboard visualization of the state of the network of turbines, allowing them to quickly understand load and maintenance requirements. C-Awards Page.

GitSpace – Ambient Visualiation for GIT Web Video

GitSpace paints star constellations that visually track the changes in a project's GIT repository, improving the flow of the development process. C-Awards Page. Winner: Technical Excellence. Nominations: Business Opportunity, Technical Excellence.

Engineer Your Future Web Video

Engineer Your Future visualizes the most common professional tracks and skill sets at KTH and the companies alumni join. C-Awards Page.

Pathicular Web Video

Pathicular visualizes people's everyday journeys in space and time, unearthing unexpected introspections of the places we spend our life. C-Awards Page.

Solid Web Video Solid presents a deeply critical data-grounded perspective of the disproportionate media coverage dedicated to alarmist morbidity and mortality rates around the world. C-Awards Page. Winner: Business Opportunity, Research Opportunity, People's Choice Award.
Late Web Video Late visualizes delay frequency, duration, and propagation in rail networks, providing deep explorative tools for investigative analysis of train latency. C-Awards Page. Nomination: Research.
WikiPedro Web Video WikiPedro visualizes local networks of related articles in Wikipedia targeted searches for active and explorative learning. C-Awards Page.
Moviz Web Video

Moviz visualizes the landscape of motion pictures as a forest of music and color. C-Awards page.

Advanced Graphics and Interaction

BRARWL Web Video Brarwl is a multi player fighting game in augmented reality using mobile devices. C-Awards page. Nomination: Visual Effects.
Spinnulator Web Video Spinnulator is an augmented virtuality biking experience that tracks the skeleton of the biker to place her in a virtual forest in the hunt for red apples. C-Awards page. Nomination: Business Opportunity.
Blopper Web Video Blopper is a Virtual Reality game with full-freedom of movement where the objective is to pop balloons with your hands C-Awards page.
Padawan 101 Web Video Padawan 101 is virtual reality training ground for aspiring Jedis defending from laser-shooting enemies with a virtual lightsaber. C-Awards page. Nomination: Technical Excellence.
Mad Sand Web Video Mad Sand is a digital and physical interactive and collaborative game where players alter the topography of a landscape to allow team mates to collect candy. C-Awards page. Nominations: Interactive Design, Creative Technology.
Chillax Web Video Chillax is a virtual reality experience of diving inside an aquarium rich with life, light, and treasures. C-Awards page.
Color Splat Web Video Color Splat is an augmented virtuality game where a player throws a physical ball at the screen and it turns into a virtual ball going in the same trajectory.  C-Awards page. Winner: Public Magnet. Nominations: Interaction Design, Creative Technology, Public Magnet.

Multimodal Interaction and Interfaces

ARban Web Video ARban is a mixed reality urban planning application for mobile devices that includes the creation, editing, and navigation of city models with landscapes, skylines, and soundscapes.
Intereator Web Video Intereator is a mixed reality interior design application for table top interaction with physical models of furniture that map to virtual rooms. Winner: Interaction Design.
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