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Projects 2023

IVIS23 Online Open House

InfraVis and KTH's Visualization Studio invite you to our Online Open House to discover the projects created by our master students in Information Visualization 2023. The list of projects and presentation times are on the table below.

  • Date: March 14, 2023
  • Time: 14:10 - 18:00
  • Place: zoom/visualmario
  • Attendance is free and there is no need to sign up
A Viz of Fire and Ice  link A Viz of Ice and Fire Visualizing Game of Thrones deaths using interactive maps and timelines.
European Taste Test  link European Taste Test Visualizing local cuisine in Europe using interactive maps.
FlixViz  link FlixViz Visualizing worldwide Netflix content using interactive maps.
Moral Machine  link Moral Machine Visualizing ethical dilemmas using interactive choropleth maps.
On the Same Page  link On the same page Visualizing book collections using interactive scatterplots. 
PokeWidia  link Pokéwidia Visualizing Pokémon characters using interactive radar plots.
Robin Hood Calculator  link Robin Hood Calculator Visualizing wealth redistribution using interactive histograms.
Suicide Awareness  link Suicide Awareness Visualizing suicide incidence using interactive maps and histograms.
UFO  link UFO Visualizing paranormal reports using interactive choropleth maps.
Vizercise  link Vizercise Visualizing muscle-targeting exercises using interactive body maps.