Projects 2021

Student Housing Stockholm  Stockholm Student Housing
Are you beginning your academic career and need to move to Stockholm? Finding housing as a student in Stockholm is tricky. Stockholm Student Housing helps you sift through the possibilities and find what best matches your priorities.
Eurotransit Eurotransit aims to make the travel habits of people in Europe more accessible and understandable to everyone. Whether it be for curiosity or academic research.
Board Game Wizard Find new and exciting board games using Board Game Wizard. This tool will help you find games matching your preferences. 
AirNavi Letting you see what can't bee seen, AirNavi helps you see and avoid concentrations of different pollutants in and around Stockholm.
Top Teams League League of Legends is one of the most popular E-sports titles in the world. It is a game that affords alot of variation within the confines of it's game mechanics. This enables nearly limitless different strategies for playing. Top Teams League is a platform that helps players, coaches, and fans to gather knowledge from the vast amounts of data generated through previous matches.
Steamind Trying to figure out with what to expand your steam library. Steamind shows you which games share what features/properties with games already in your current library. 
POP.FLO Where are people going? POP.FLO helps you track the movement of populations through Sweden.
There and Back Again The Lord of the Rings saga is a modern classic. However it is also telling several stories in several timelines at once so keeping track of all the characters can be quite tricky. There and Back Again presents you with an interactive map where you can get a better overview of who was where and at what time. 
YouTrending Helping content creators keep track of what is trending and popular: YouTrending helps users keep track of what is popular and when.

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