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Projects 2015

C-Award Winners 2015

C-Awards 2015: Congratulations to our winners and nominees!

Final Result: three C Awards for Information Visualization 2015 and the Visualization Studio VIC! Best Public Magnet for Speakasso; Best business opportunity for Course Voyager; Popular Vote forTidebanan and eight nominations in total. Please, join me in congratulating our students! They worked really, really hard.

Video Description and Recognition

Course Voyager

Course Voyager

Course Voyager visualizes the career tracks of the academic majors at KTH. Link to functional project.

C-Award Best Business Opportunity

C:UsersMarioPictures Skylike

Skylike visualizes your network of GoodReads friends according to their likeness to you. Link to functional project. 

Nominee: Creative Technical Application, Public Magnet, Interaction Design.

Speakasso Speakasso

Speakasso visualizes patterns of speech in artistic compositions. Link to functional project.

C-Award Best Public Magnet

Nominee: Technical Excellence, Creative Technical Application.

Tidebanan Tidebanan

Tidebanan visualizes the history of the growth of the Stockholm metro system and the population changes in the city during this period. Link to functional project. Link to museum exhibit.

C-Award People's Choice

Tweemojiworld Tweemojiworld

Tweemojiworld visualizes Twitter emoticons, hashtags, and headlines to present the emotional state of the world. Link to functional project.

Nominee: Business Opportunity