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Projects 2018

Global Development Goals Global Development Goals Visualize the first- and second-level interactions between different global development goals and subgoals. Collaboration with Stockholm Environment Institute SEI.
Gender Inequality Visualization Gender Inequality Visualization Visualize the gender inequality index around the world.
Plot Twitch Plot Twitch Visualize the space of electronic sports competitions and viewership.
Mission Emission Mission Emission Visualize the import and export of goods as they produce emissions in manufacturing and transportation. Collaboration with Stockholm Environment Institute SEI.
InnoEnergy InnoEnergy Visualize residential energy consumption across time. Collaboration with InnoEnergy.
SDG Vis SDG Vis Visualize the sustainable development goals and the relationship between goals and sub-goals in Sweden and Mongolia. Collaboration with Stockholm Environment Institute SEI.
Away from Home Away from Home Visualize refugee migration worldwide.
CrimeVis CrimeVis Visualize crime registry in Sweden.
CryptoVis CryptoVis Visualize cryptocurrency financial patterns in relation to cyber attacks on them. 
SDG Vis Global Impact Visualization Visualize sustainable development goals and interactions between them and their sub-goals. Collaboration with Stockholm Environment Institute SEI.