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Projects 2022

Atlas of Migration Atlas of Migration

Presenting the latest migration patterns across the globe, Atlas of Migration gives an overview of each nations net migration summarised on a world map.
Aura Explora Aura Explora Here you can see several contributing factors to the likelihood of seeing the Aurora borealis, Aura Explora presents a map of Sweden with selectable factors affecting the likelihood to give the user an idea of how likely en Aurora borealis is at a their own location.
Species Map Species Map With a world overview, Species Map lets you see what species are endangered to what degree, and where.
Animeet Animeet Animeet helps people find their next Anime show by organising an enoiurmous selection of shows in an easy to overview manner.
OrbitEye OrbitEye There are very many satelites in orbit around our planet. To get some sense of the different types of orbits and what they look like the OrbitEye group give you a 3D-representation of the earth and the ability to select satelites to see their orbits.
MetaWebb MetaWebb What happens in a minecraft world? MetaWebb demostrates a proof of concept by visualising simulated player actions on the MetaCraft MineCraft server
DwarfViz DwarfViz The game Dwarf fortress is a complex game with many simoultaneous player generated storylines. DwarfViz makes it easier for a person to follow these story lines and also to se how they affect each other.
MainSteam MainSteam What is the mainstream game of today? MainSteam shows both what is popular and what is trending month to month on Steam, as well as gives details about the individual games.
MovieMap MovieMap What are the economics of film making? MovieMap gives an overview of the known budgets of films produced and correlates these to their respective revenues.

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