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The Multi-Attribute Prediction (MAP) class diagram

The Multi-Attribute Prediction (MAP) class diagram is a multi-attribute analysis metamodel for application modifiability, data quality, application usage, service availability, interoperability and cost as well as the utility that is brought.

Enterprise architecture has become an established discipline for business and IT management. Architecture models constitute the core of the approach and serve the purpose of making the complexities of the real world understandable and manageable to humans. EA ideally aids the stakeholders of the enterprise to effectively plan, design, document, and communicate IT and business related issues, i.e. they provide decision support for the stakeholders. The MAP metamodel goal is to provide the support needed when making IT and business related decisions.

The MAP v2.3 is available for download here:

MAP v2.31 (zip 45 kB)

MAPLv2.36 oclinecore (zip 7 kB)

MAP Motivation

The following movies aim to highlight and describe the importance of managing certain non-function requirements.

  • Application modifiability

  • Data quality

  • Service availability

  • Interoperability

  • Cost

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