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RICS - Resilient Information and Control Systems

RICS is a Swedish national research Centre on Resilient Information and Control Systems. The centre is financed by the Swedish Civil Contingencies Agency (MSB) to promote long term research and competence in securing systems on which societal functions depend. 

The centre is a collaboration between Linköping University, Chalmers, and KTH. More information is found on the RICS homepage .

Master theses

Davis Freimanis, Vulnerability Assessment of Authentication Methods in a Large-Scale Computer System, KTH, 2019. 

David Skeppstedt, Identification and Exploitation of Vulnerabilities in a Large-Scale IT-System, KTH, 2019.

Jonathan Jefford-Baker, ALCOL: Probabilistic Threat Modelling of the Amazon Elastic Container Service Domain, KTH, 2018. 

Xinyue Mao, Visualization and Natural Language Representation of Simulated Cyber Attacks, KTH, 2018.

Svetlomir Petrov, Patch Delivery Infrastructure in SCADA Systems, KTH, 2018.

Amandeep Singh Virdi, AWSLang: Probabilistic Threat Modelling of the Amazon Web Services environment, KTH, 2018. 

Asmelash Mesele, AUTOSARLang: Threat Modeling and Attack Simulation for Vehicle Cybersecurity KTH, 2018. 

Ahmad Hawasli, azureLang, a probabilistic modeling and simulation language for cyber attacks in Microsoft Azure cloud infrastructure, KTH, 2018.

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