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Software Systems Architecture Agility

Contemporary business environments are under constant change. Therefore, the software applications supporting the business need to be changed as well, and at the same pace. However, many companies experience that it is becoming more difficult and expensive to carry applications architecture changes through. One reason is that during the past decades the number of applications has constantly been increasing and these applications have become more dependent on one another. Due to the growing number of applications and their dependencies, management of software applications has become a complex task. In order to achieve effective and efficient management of the enterprise application architecture it is essential to be able to analyze and visualize the modularity of the architecture and the degree of coupling between its applications.

This project is a collaboration project between associate professor Robert Lagerström  and Harvard Business School  professors Carliss Baldwin  and Alan MacCormack  . It includes collaboration with Swedish, German, and American companies.

Particular interest and industrial testing has been done with Ericsson in Sweden. Several bachelor and master thesis projects have been conducted within this project.

Several publications have come out of this project:

Robert Lagerström, Alan MacCormack, David Dreyfus, and Carliss Y. Baldwin, “A Methodology for Operationalizing Enterprise IT Architecture and its Modifiability”, accepted for publication in Complex Systems Informatics and Modeling Quarterly (CSIMQ), 2019.

Alan MacCormack and Robert Lagerström, “ Designing an agile software portfolio architecture: The impact of coupling on performance ”, in the proceedings of the Academy of Management Annual Meeting (as best paper), 2017.

Robert Lagerström, Alan MacCormack, Carliss Y. Baldwin, Dan Sturtevant, and Lee Doolan, “ Exploring the relationship between architecture coupling and software vulnerabilities ”, in the proc. of the International Symposium on Engineering Secure Software and Systems (ESSoS), 2017.

Oscar Bjuhr, Klas Segeljakt, Mattin Addibpour, Franz Heiser and Robert Lagerström, “ Software architecture decoupling at Ericsson ” in the Proc. of the IEEE International Conference on Software Architecture (ICSA), 2017.

Alan MacCormack, Robert Lagerström, Carliss Y. Baldwin, and Martin Mocker, “ Designing an Agile Software Portfolio Architecture: The Impact of Coupling on Performance ”, Harvard Business School Working Paper, No. 17-105, May 2017.

Robert Lagerström, Mattin Addibpour, and Franz Heiser, “ Product Feature Prioritization using the Hidden Structure Method: A Practical Case at Ericsson ”, in Proc. of the Portland International Center for Management of Engineering and Technology (PICMET) conference, Sept. 2016.

Robert Lagerström, Carliss Baldwin, and Alan MacCormack, “ Visualizing and Measuring Software Portfolio Architecture: A Power Utility Case ” in the Journal of Modern Project Management, vol. 3, no. 2, pp. 115-121, 2015.

Franz Heiser, Robert Lagerström and Mattin Addibpour, ” Revealing Hidden Structures in Organizational Transformation – A Case Study ,” in Proc. of the Trends in Enterprise Architecture Research (TEAR) workshop, at CAiSE, Stockholm, Sweden, June 2015.

Robert Lagerström, Carliss Y. Baldwin, Alan MacCormack, and David Dreyfus, ”Visualizing and measuring software portfolio architecture: a flexibility analysis,” in Proc. of the 16th International Dependency and Structure Modelling (DSM) conference, July 2014.

Robert Lagerström, Carliss Y. Baldwin, Alan MacCormack, and Stephan Aier, ” Visualizing and Measuring Enterprise Application Architecture: An Exploratory Telecom Case ,” in the Proc. of the Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences (HICSS'47, 2014).

Robert Lagerström, Carliss Y. Baldwin, Alan MacCormack, and David Dreyfus, ” Visualizing and Measuring Enterprise Architecture: An Exploratory BioPharma Case ,” in the Proc. of the 6th IFIP WG 8.1 working conference on the Practice of Enterprise Modeling (PoEM, 2013).

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