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Our basic education involves courses in programming, algorithms, software development and computer engineering as well as project courses. On the advanced level we teach courses with a content from our research which are relevant for the master level. Several teachers have roles within all three levels of the education as responsible for a program or as director of studies.

Programmes and courses

The department of Software and Computer Systems participates in education program för Master of Science in Engineering "civilingenjör (5 years)" and Bachelor of Science in Engineering "högskoleingenjör (3 years)" as well as master programs and Bachelor programs. We also participate in programs hosted by other schools.

On the graduate level, we coordinate the project Marie Curie iSocial


The department is involved in the following programmes:


The divisions SCS and COS are responsible for courses in Computer Science for students on bachelor, master and doctoral level, most. but not all are given in Kista:

Courses within Computer Science

In addition we are responsible for EP2500, EP2510, EP2520 and participate in other courses as teachers.