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Other training activities

The education group has since DMMS formation been a central part of DMMS's activities and a very important platform for collaboration between industry and engineering education.


Through DMMS, a number of opportunities for teacher internships have been arranged at Scania and Sandvik Coromant. Another important part of the training group's work is the summer technology programs at Scania and Sandvik Coromant. Through these, hundreds of technologists from different universities have gained industrial work experience.

Examples of training activities within DMMS

  • Teacher internship at Scania and Sandvik Coromant for KTH.
  • Summer technology program (approx. 80 students per year).
  • Degree projects where DMMS initiates degree projects in production in collaboration with industry and degree projects with more research focus in the lab at KTH.
  • Project courses (MG2117 and MG2027) where Scania and Sandvik Coromant contribute projects for student groups.
  • Test beds: collaboration with, among others, students from Mechatronics.
  • Guest lecturer in the following courses: MG2010 Modern industrial measurement technology, MG2016 Welding technology, MG1024 Production, MG2103 Industrial processes, MG2130 Modeling and simulation of industrial processes, MG2029 Industrial production planning and control.
  • Study visit to Sandvik Coromant in the courses MG2036 Computer Aided Manufacturing and MG2104 Production Engineering
  • Industrial courses: National cutting engineering education, Maintenance and machine tool theory.

International educational activities

Since 2014, representatives of DMMS have been involved in education and research in the organization euspen. To identify talent and increase interest among students and doctoral students, in 2015 Europe's largest engineering competition in the field of precision and metrology of euspen was organized in collaboration with DMMS. The 2020 competition was organized in collaboration with CERN in Switzerland.

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Last changed: Feb 01, 2021