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Forum for Machine Tool Users: A Recap of the Event

DMMS attended the Forum for Machine Tool Users in Volvo GTO in Köping

Published Jun 13, 2023

On May 30, 2023, the Machine Tool Users Forum organized a highly informative and engaging event that brought together industry experts, enthusiasts, and professionals. The event took place at Volvo GTO in Köping and offered a comprehensive agenda aimed at exploring various aspects of machine tool technology and its future prospects.

The day kicked off with a warm welcome from Per Larsson at the Köpingsbilmuseum. The historical setting of Köpings Bilmuseum added an extra charm to the event, creating an atmosphere of excitement and anticipation.

The first session of the event, presented by Per Larsson from Volvo, focused on compressed air measurement, leakage, and optimization of compressed air usage. The presentation shed light on the importance of efficient compressed air management in machine tools, highlighting the potential for cost savings and environmental benefits through leak detection and optimization strategies.

Following that, Vilhelm Söderberg from Volvo/KTH took the stage to discuss the powertrains of the future. This captivating session delved into the advancements and innovations expected in powertrain technology, providing valuable insights into the evolving landscape of machine tools.

The setting at Köpingsbilmuseum for the event
The event took place at Volvo GTO in Köping, at the historical setting of Köpingsbilmuseum

Bernd Peukert from KTH then shared his expertise on future challenges related to modular and reconfigurable weight cloth machines. The presentation emphasized the need for adaptability and flexibility in machine tool design, paving the way for enhanced productivity and responsiveness to changing market demands. 

In the afternoon the event resumed with an exciting workshop tour, providing hands-on experiences and practical demonstrations of cutting-edge machine tool technologies. Participants had the chance to explore state-of-the-art machinery and witness the latest advancements in action, fostering a deeper understanding of their capabilities and potential applications.

Andreas Archenti from KTH then presented an intriguing session on industrial data analysis for machine tools. This session highlighted the significance of leveraging data analytics to optimize machine performance, improve maintenance practices, and enhance overall operational efficiency. Attendees gained valuable insights into the benefits and challenges associated with implementing data-driven strategies in their respective organizations.

The event welcomed representatives from various industry participants and provided space for sharing knowledge among different parties

The event concluded with discussions on planning a study trip to Germany, where participants were presented with a proposal for a company visit. This proposed visit aimed to provide a firsthand experience of German manufacturing excellence and foster international collaboration within the industry.

In the final discussion, led by Martin and Andreas, attendees shared their suggestions for future focus areas. The group also deliberated on the date and host for the next meeting, ensuring the continuity and growth of the Machine Tool Users Forum. Additionally, a proposal for a new chairman was brought forward, with a decision scheduled to be made at the upcoming autumn meeting.

Group picture of the event participants
The participants left the event with new knowledge, practical ideas, and strengthened professional connections, ready to contribute to the advancement of the field in their respective roles and organizations