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Industry organisations

Many research-related issues within DMMS are pursued in forums. The forums have their own management groups with a chairman from an industrial partner and a coordinator from the center.


SIS/TK 491

In order to disseminate knowledge from research, DMMS is also a member of the committee for measuring machine tools SIS / TK 491. Participation in the standardization work promotes Swedish industry and has a positive impact on societal development.


DMMS is also active in the Swedish machine tool business association SVMF, an industry organization for manufacturers of machine tools, tools, tests and measuring tools as well as automation / robot technology in Sweden.

Production cluster

DMMS is a member and former coordinator of the component manufacturing cluster in (The Swedish Manufacturing R & D Clusters). The work is based on mapping research needs and forms the basis for the strategy document for vehicle manufacturing. The work is linked to Vinnova's strategic innovation program Production 2030 and sub-program Sustainable production within the initiative Vehicle Strategic Research and Innovation (FFI HP).