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Electrotechnical modelling

This research area comprises development of theory, methods and tools for electric power components including magnetic and other materials. The governing approach is to model material related electrotechnical phenomena and processes by use of Maxwell’s equations and material algorithms in a system perspective.

Power transformer

Since the middle of the 80’s a number of projects have been performed regarding characterization and modelling of apparatus and systems comprising magnetostrictive and magnetic materials. That work has been focused on characterization and modelling of magnetic materials.
Since the middle of the 90’s the activities also include modelling of transformers, electromechanical actuators and power electronics, electromachines and magnetic amplifiers for aircraft applications.
A magnetic and materials modelling laboratory has been built up around characterization of magnetic and functional materials. The outcome of these measurements are stored in databases and thereafter used as input to computer algorithms included in simulation programs. These programs are finally aimed at helping engineers and scientists in electrotechnical design projects.

The activities of the modelling group during the year has been related to:

  • Magnetic hysteresis
  • Power transformers
  • Electromechanical actuators
  • Magnetostrictive actuators
  • Magnetic amplifiers
  • Power supply systems
  • Cooling systems

Some recent results

Picture from course Electrotechnical modelling
Overview picture from course Electrotechnical modelling (EI2433)
  • Improved algorithm for extraction of hysteresis model parameters
  • Improved algorithm for static hysteresis
  • Created, simulated and experimentally verified dynamic hysteresis model for core material with poor field penetration
  • Optimisation of an electromechanical actuator for More Electric Aircraft applications
  • Analysis of a pulsed power supply system for unmanned aerial vehicle
  • Optimisation approach of coil and magnetic circuit of magnetostrictive actuators.