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SCRAP Experiment

SCattering of Radar waves on Aerosols in Plasmas

The scientific objective of SCRAP is to study electron density fluctuations in dusty mesospheric plasmas, more specifically to measure radar backscatter from a cloud of well defined aerosol particles released in the mesosphere and compare to theoretical predictions.

The SCRAP team consists of a total of 17 KTH students with supervisors from both KTH and Stockholm University (SU).  The experiment was proposed in October 2013, under guidance of Dr. Nickolay Ivchenko, Dr. Gunnar Tibert, and Dr. Jonas Hedin (SU), and after the selection process was approved for flight. The experiment will be designed and built by the team up until the REXUS rocket launch in February/March 2015. The project will continue up until June 2015 when the final presentations of the results will be held during the 22nd European Space Agency (ESA) Symposium on Rockets, Balloons and Related Research.

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The SCRAP experiment is part of the REXUS programme realized under a bilateral agreement between the Swedish National Space Board (SNSB) and the German Aerospace Center (DLR).

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