• New research paper by Elena Malakhatka and Per Lundqvist

    Figure 1. BMS + HAS IoT Ecosystem at KTH Live-in-Lab:1-Smartphone, 2-Ouraring (wearable device), 3-Personal laptop, 4-Amazon Alexa, 5-Indoorpositioning sensors, 6-Smart lockers, 7-Smart meters, 8-Ultrasonic water meters, 9-Sensored trash bins, 10-Air quality meters (particle detectors), 11-Local weather station, 12-BIM.
    Published Feb 11, 2020

    End-user activities context information management framework for sustainable building operation

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  • KTH Live-In Lab på SVT Play

    Rapport från 2050 på SVT Play
    Published Jan 15, 2020

    KTH Live-In Lab i den nya serien Rapport från 2020 på SVT Play.

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  • KTH LIL at MIT

    Published Dec 05, 2019

    KTH LIL Presenting at Lunch and Learn at MIT

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  • Conference "The Real Impact Factor – Methods for accelerating Innovation through Living Labs"

    Published Dec 02, 2019

    Last month KTH Live-In Lab held a Conference/Workshop to explore methods for accelerating innovation through the use of Living Labs.

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  • KTH Live-In lab Demo at Digitalize in Stockholm

    Digitalize in Stockholm
    Published Dec 02, 2019

    Last week KTH Live-In Lab was at Digitalize in Stockholm, a 2-day event that allowed us to tell how our platform works and at the same time to network...

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    Published Nov 28, 2019
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  • Living Services Portfolio presentation

    Service Blueprint Structure
    Service Blueprint Structure
    Published Nov 24, 2019

    Welcome to the Living Services Portfolio presentation. Save the date: 05th of December / 15:30 - 18:00

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  • New Project Manager for KTH Live-In Lab

    Safira Monteiro
    Published Nov 08, 2019
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  • Meet Vincent Giardina – new resident in KTH Live In Lab

    Vincent Giardina
    Published Oct 01, 2019
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  • Would you like to live in Testbed KTH in KTH Live-In Lab?

    Published Apr 26, 2019

    Would you like to be part of making future smart and sustainable buildings possible? We are looking for four new residents, for the period mid August...

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  • New project for optimization of living space and smart housing solutions

    Lotta Sjödin, projektledare Ikano Bostad (NyTeknik, 2016).
    Published Feb 20, 2019

    Urbanization is a global trend and, in order for more people to gain access to urban environments, new, smart housing solutions are required where liv...

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  • P4 Stockholm visits KTH Live-In Lab

    Nicole Heinemann och Axel Solhall (intervjuas i klippet), boende KTH Live-In Lab.
    Published Feb 17, 2019

    The radio program Afternoon in P4 Stockholm visited KTH Live-In Lab and interviewed one of the students, Axel Solhall, on site. Listen to the feature ...

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  • New article in Dagens Nyheter about KTH-Live In Lab

    Nicole Heinemann, student och boende i testbäddarna. Foto: Allis Nettréus.
    Published Feb 17, 2019

    Dagens Nyheter came and visited KTH Live-In Lab and we shared some facts and information about the projects as well as thoughts and feelings from the ...

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  • New project granted: Cost and energy efficient Building Control Systems

    Published Feb 12, 2019

    The use of building control systems is becoming an increasingly important technology for making energy use more efficient. The Swedish Energy Agency's...

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  • Nytt projekt beviljat om konsekvenserna av GDPR för etikprövning av forskning om smarta hus

    Foto: Malin Grönborg, Umeå universitet.
    Published Dec 13, 2018

    I en tidigare ansökan låg fokus på en generell beskrivning av den nya problematik som uppstår i samband med smarta hus, insamling av användardata och ...

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  • Jonas Anund Vogel is the Project Manager of the Year

    Jonas Anund Vogel, föreståndare för KTH Live-In Lab
    Published Nov 23, 2018

    Svenska ProjektAkademien (Swedish Project Academy) has recently appointed the Director of KTH Live-In Lab, Jonas Anund Vogel, to the Project Manager o...

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  • KTH Live-In Lab amongst the ten top candidates for Bopriset!

    På bilden ovan visas juryn för Bopriset som består av Christer Larsson, stadsbyggnadsdirektör i Malmö och tillförordnad riksarkitekt, Moa Andersson, verksamhetsledare, Boinstitutet, Li Pamp, programledare och journalist, Viktoria Walldin, antropolog, White arkitektbyrå, Erik Stenberg, lektor på KTH samt expert på miljonprogrammet och Peter Majanen, grundare av strategi- och analysföretaget Quattroporte.
    Published Nov 22, 2018

    We are proud to have been nominated as one of the top ten candidates for Bopriset - in memory of Josef Frank.

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  • Ongoing research project on environmentally friendly choices and behavior of residents

    Agnieszka Zalejska Jonsson
    Published Nov 14, 2018

    A research project is currently underway at KTH Live-In Lab, by Agnieszka Zajelska Jonsson, researcher at KTH in building and real estate economics. T...

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  • New project about the recovery of waste water and gray water granted by FORMAS

    Published Nov 06, 2018

    A new research project has been granted by FORMAS regarding systemic effects of real estate recycling of heat and water.

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  • KTH Live-In Lab is nominated to Bopriset 2018

    Josef Frank
    Published Nov 05, 2018

    It is with great honor and gratitude that we received the message that KTH Live-In Lab has been nominated for Bopriset reward - in memory of Josef Fra...

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