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Real-time user feedback web-app: monitoring campaign in student apartments

Building in Uppsala
Published Oct 27, 2020

The web-app was developed by the researchers Davide Rolando ad Marco Molinari as a framework within the project Cost- and Energy-Efficient Control Systems for Buildings at KTH Live-In Lab.

A new experimental campaign is starting now in the Draconis student apartments. People living in Draconis buildings will use a web-app to provide real-time feedbacks about their perceived indoor comfort. The students use the web-app to respond when they think it is too cold, too warm or too noisy or to let us know some other aspects about their indoor comfort. A user-friendly web-app was designed and customized for the project and is currently used by the students living in the four apartments in the Live-In Lab Testbed KTH. The web-app feedback is complemented with a customizable sensor box that was created within the project. The gathered feedback will be invaluable for buildings operators to improve the wellbeing of the building users and the sustainable operation of the buildings.

The campaign is part of the Cost- and Energy-Efficient Control Systems for Buildings, a project that exploits high resolution data gathered in KTH Live-in Lab research testbeds through an advanced, modular and flexible monitoring set-up capable to acquire real-time data on indoor environmental quality and the involved energy flows including ground source heat pumps, photovoltaic panels, ventilation.

Web-app interface
Web-app interface

 Further information about the project can be found at KTH LIL, ongoing projects Cost- and Energy-Efficient Control Systems for Buildings

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Last changed: Oct 27, 2020