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New 3D Virtual tour at Testbed KTH

3D Virtual tour
Published Sep 17, 2020

Some months ago we made it possible to walk around in our premises to get inspired, and also to find out about ongoing R&D projects. Now we aim to keep developing and expanding our 3D video tours.

Last year we visited SISAB and discussed possible collaboration related to building management systems (BMS), AI, load shifting, peak shaving, etc. That visit resulted in an ongoing collaboration with KTH, SISAB and Myrspoven. We were also inspired by their BMS; SISAB had filmed their premises using a 3D scanner, making it possible to navigate in the different technical rooms, corridors etc. In collaboration with SISAB, we have begun the process of making our premises accessible for all, so that researchers, students, and industry partners can see the possibilities inherent in our work and perhaps initiate projects at KTH Live-In Lab.

This week we are happy to announce the new 3D virtual tour, including the office, basement, recycling room, mail room, laundry room and the new layout of the Testbed KTH apartments.

Please read more and take a look at our videos at 3D Virtual tour in our Testbeds

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Last changed: Sep 17, 2020