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New article in Förvaltarforum : Experimental housing contributes with sustainable and smart technolo

Testbed KTH layout
Published Oct 27, 2020

What are the possibilities to save energy and money through variable ventilation and controls? This is one of many questions that researchers at KTH Live-In Lab are trying to answer. In close cooperation with industry, researchers want to stimulate the use of new technologies and services.

- The construction and real estate industries are far behind many other sectors when it comes to new technologies, building automation and also user-friendliness. For example, in new cars you usually intuitively understand how the system works. But in a house you still have to manually adjust systems, for example physically open windows to get fresh air in.

You can read the full article on the forvaltarforum website (in Swedish): Experimentbostäder bidrar med hållbar och smart teknik

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Last changed: Oct 27, 2020