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CDIS's focus areas in research are cyber defense and information security. This includes the development of techniques and methods to strengthen our defense capabilities.

In connection with the founding of CDIS in 2020, six research projects in cyber defense and information security were initiated. In 2021, additional projects were started, and today about 25 researchers are connected to the research center. The goal is to increase the country's ability to build and develop a robust cyber defense in various ways.

According to the Swedish Total Defense Bill of 2020, cyber defense can be defined as a nation's collective capabilities and measures, both defensive and offensive, to protect its critical societal functions and the ability to defend itself against cyberattacks from qualified opponents. A cyber attack can have as significant consequences for socially essential functions and essential IT systems as a conventionally armed attack. The bill further points out that as a result of the rapid technological development, continuous research and development is required to contribute to the maintenance and development of cyber defense capabilities. CDIS conducts such research and development.  

The following research projects are currently underway within the framework of CDIS: