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KTH Center for Sports Engineering

Sport ranges from elite activities on a global level in world championships and Olympic Games to exercise and well-being for all members of society. The Center matches all forms of sports within this range with world-leading research at KTH in the engineering sciences. The aim is to improve training, design better equipment and infrastructures, increase participation, and to facilitate sustainable and attractive events.

The Center acts as the university contact point for all research issues related to sports and technology, as the innovation hub to create value and impact from research in sports, and as a consolidator of fundamental scientific contributions that may find applications in the sports domain.

The Center will work on five areas of activities:

  • applied research that leverages the knowledge and understanding around performance of athletes and sport equipment
  • innovations and research that helps provide general access to sports and exercise in society, and opportunities for physical activity in everyday life
  • research on more efficient infrastructures for sports and exercise including energy management and sustainability of arenas, technologies for measurements, judging, and enhanced audience experiences
  • innovation from applied research to develop better equipment, broader use and commercial success
  • education for the sports sector and related businesses on technology and engineering methods