Jesús Aparacio Guisado: "Communicating Architecture"

Jesús Aparacio Guisad architecture is born of walls that define spatial volumes which are capable of conveying a sense of place. For Guisado the task of architecture consists in rendering the elements of a Project, their function and mode of assembly in such a way as to endow the work with a feeling of the sublime. "-The union of he corporeal with beauty and, with the act of dwelling constitutes, for me, the primary charge of tectonic form.", says Guisado.

Jesús Aparacio Guisad curated JAE (Jóvenes Arquitectos de España) shown in Brussels, Madrid, and New York and here at KTH School of Architecture October 12-29 2010.

Time: Thu 2012-12-06 17.00 - 18.00

Location: KTH Arkitekturskolan, sal A5