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Hi there, Rickard Eklöf - co-founder of the newly started company Mendi

Advanced brain training available to everyone. The technology behind the company is based on so-called neurofeedback, to train your brain by increasing the circulation of blood and oxygen to the prefrontal cortex - something that costs thousands of kronor in a clinic. Behind the company are two engineers, Sammy Saldjoghi who previously ran a neurofeedback clinic, and KTH alumnus Rickard Eklöf.

Rickard Eklöf, KTH-alum and co-founder of Mendi.
Rickard Eklöf, KTH-alum and co-founder of Mendi.

Describe yourself with three words.
Humble, curious and driven.

How did the idea for Mendi come about?
Mendi was created thanks to curiosity and networking. I came across neurofeedback 2017 through a colleague where I rented an office space. I was fascinated by the technology, the science behind it and the application of a consumer product. During the journey, we have found additional application areas and a great commitment from the market and customers, but also researchers. We develop a product that gives you insight into - and tools to influence - the health of your brain, which requires both a strong product experience and an anchoring in the latest science in the field.

What is your driving force?
My desire to learn and to understand how things work.

What is your best KTH memory?
Definitely the receptions! I was always active in the reception work during my years at the section. It was incredibly fun, educational and challenging to spend so much time making the new KTH students feel welcome and help them get to know their peers.

About Rickard Eklöf

Program and start year: Electrical Engineering, 2005
Profession: Self-employed
Lives: Stockholm, Sweden
Life motto: Build a solid foundation, then you can test what you want in this world.

What relationship do you have with KTH today?
I have a very good relationship with various associations connected to the section where we still meet several times a year and share work experience, job opportunities, mentorship, but also just hang out because they are excellent people!

What advice would you like to give a newly graduated student?
Congratulations! You have just acquired a wealth of knowledge and experience that will help you advance in your career. Be sure to keep that insight, have an open mind to keep on learning and this will go gallantly.

What is your best life hack - something that makes everyday life easier?
Turn off notifications and the sound on your mobile phone :)

About Mendi

Brain training for increased well-being and increased performance with the help of neurofeedback. Innovative technology is behind the company Mendi, which makes brain training accessible to everyone.

By: Malin Nordin Bartlett

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Last changed: Feb 26, 2021
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