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Alum of the Year at KTH

The annual Alum of the Year award at KTH aims to recognise and celebrate a prominent alum who is an inspiration to others.

Tanmay Bari is awarded Alum of the Year 2024

He is a visionary, innovator, co-founder and CEO of the company Greenely. He holds a Degree in Civil Engineering and Urban Management and Design from KTH.

Tanmoy Bari, Alum of the Year 2024 on the roof amongst suncells

He is awarded Alum of the Year 2024 for his ability to develop a technical innovation that provides knowledge and contributes to a more sustainable planet.

As CEO and co-founder of the company Greenely , he inspires consumers to reduce energy consumption. Over a decade, Tanmoy has shown courage, perseverance and real entrepreneurship in his efforts to build a company that meets the challenges of the energy market.

He engages on a broader level by sharing his knowledge with students and actively participating in the public debate on energy issues. Combined with a responsive approach and an openness to the outside world, Tanmoy is a true KTH ambassador and an inspiring leader in social sustainable development.

Read about Tanmoy Bari's career and tips for students .

Previous laureates  

Picture of Previous laureates
Previous laureates of the award

2023, Carl Unander-Scharin , composer, inventor, opera singer and professor, MEDIAT-10

2022, Sophia Hober , Professor of Molecular Biotechnology at KTH, K-84

2021 Karim Engelmark Cassimjee , CEO and co-founder, EnginZyme, BIO-00

2020, Maja Reichard , swimmer and para-athlete, CENMI-11

2019 Gustav Söderström, Chief R&D Officer at Spotify, E-97

2018 Paulina Modlitba , Founder at We should be Friends, MEDIA-01

2017 Mathias Uhlén , Professor at KTH

2016 Veronica Augustsson , CEO at Cinnober Financial Technology, D-98

2015 Peter Arvai , CEO and founder, Prezi, MEDIA -99

2014 Regina Kevius , City of Stockholm, L-99

2013 Magnus Egerstedt , Professor at Georgia Tech, USA, F-92, L-99

2012 Christer Fuglesang , Astronaut, European Space Agency, F-74

2005 Katarina Bonde, F-78


Nominate a KTH alum who inspires you and is a leader in the sustainable development of society. The Alum of the Year 2025 nomination period is open from October to December. You are welcome to email  with your nomination outside the nomination period. 

The Alum of the Year should hold a degree from KTH. KTH Alumni Advisory Board  reviews the nominations and issues a recommendation to the President, who makes the final decision. The award ceremony usually takes place at the graduation ceremony in the Town Hall at the end of May. The Alum of the Year event is also held in the spring.