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Alumna of the Year 2020 - Maja Reichard

Swimmer and para-athlete Maja Reichard is the Alumna of the Year 2020.

Portrait of Maja Reichard smiling into the camera
Maja Reichard, Alumna of the Year 2020. Photograph by Johanna Lundberg, Bildbyrån.

Maja has vehemently refuted those who did not believe that she, as a blind person, could complete an education at KTH and at the same time compete at an elite level in swimming. When she graduated from the master program Energy and Environment at KTH in 2018, she had not only won 24 medals in the Paralympics and World Championships in swimming, she had also managed to change the way education is conducted at KTH and increase accessibility for people with visual impairments.

Maja Reichard will be awarded the Alum of the Year Award in the spring of 2021.

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"We must dare break ingrained patterns"

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Last changed: Mar 01, 2021
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