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Climate and environment in focus at the library

The researchers agree; we are in a climate emergency.

Published Nov 02, 2021

The COP26 climate summit is currently taking place in Glasgow. At the library we will be paying attention to climate action in different ways.

Environment, climate and sustainable development are priority areas for KTH's research. At the library, we support students and researchers to find new knowledge and form ideas to tackle the challenge we face. Visit us, or join us online - find new partners and find new ways forward. Why not give a climate pledge?

Give a climate pledge

The climate pledges.
This is how you pledged. Click on the image for realtime counting.

At the moment, you can give a personal climate pledge in the library or on the web . You can also see what other people pledged . The idea is to raise thoughts on how you as an individual can make a difference with lifestyle and conscious choices.

We all play a part in this!

Participate in climate talks

With COP26, KTH draws attention to climate research from different points of view. The library together with the Climate Action Center arranges climate talks with researchers in the field (in Swedish). We will talk about different aspects, both the role of green technology, but also behavioral changes and climate footprints.

Thursday 11 November, 12.15-13.00: Climate talk Day 1: How KTH research contributes to reduced emissions

Friday 12 November, 12.15-13.00:  Climate talk Day 2: How our climate footprint can be reduced

TEDxKTH Salon with a focus on sustainable energy

On December 7, the library organizes its third TEDxKTHSalon. 

Read more and register for TEDxKTHSalon: Towards green and clean energy

The art installation: Sustainable living

The artist Annika Oskarsson exhibits an interactive work of art in the entrance hall. The idea is that you should be able to come up with constructive suggestions at handwritten notes that you can attach to the tree. Can you find a soulmate who share your thouhgts?

More about the exhibition Sustainable living

Keep track of what is happening at KTH

If you want to get an overview of everything that happens at KTH in the climate area, look at the Calendar for environment and sustainable development .

New purchases in climate research

The library is constantly reviewing its offerings to be as relevant as possible. Here you see a list of newly purchased literature in the field (subject headings "climate change", "climate change policy" and "sustainable development").

Literature on climate change

You can also request materials  if there is something we are missing.