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SciPost and the Diamond Publishing Model

Published Sep 15, 2023

In the Diamond publishing model, there are no publication fees (APCs) to be paid by the authors. Instead, funding is derived from institutional support and memberships.

KTH is a member of SciPost , a publisher primarily focused on releasing journals in the fields of physics, astronomy, and chemistry. The most widely used journal within the SciPost platform is "SciPost Physics," established in 2016. This particular journal is indexed by major citation databases like Scopus and Web of Science and shows an impact factor slightly above the average. Currently, we have identified approximately 30 SciPost publications in the KTH DiVA publication database.

An illustration of diamond open publishing

Publishing in a SciPost journal is in line with the KTH endeavor to adapt to Open Science principles as well as a way to support a nonprofit and innovative form of electronic scientific communication and publishing.

Given our membership at KTH, we now wish to highlight the opportunity to publish with SciPost without any additional financial costs. If you have any inquiries or require further information about SciPost or Open Access publishing in general, please do not hesitate to contact us at . We are ready to provide you with more comprehensive details.