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Online doctoral course

Since KTH currently only teaches distance education, the CBH School has set up some new courses that may be suitable to study. Reading or project courses can also be recommended. Listed below are those courses that do not require physical attendance at the school.

FCA3001, Literature course for doctoral students, 3,0 hp

FCA3002, Literature course for doctoral students, 6,0 hp

FCK3311, NMR Spectroscopy and imaging – basic principles, 4,5 hp

FCK3312, NMR Spectroscopy and imaging – quantum mechanical principles, 4,5 hp

FCK3314, Solid State Chemistry: Structures and Methods 7,5 hp

FCK3315, Research frontiers in chemistry, 4,5 hp

FKD3020, Application Exercise in Corrosion Science , 4,5 hp

FKD3030, Literature Survey in Corrosion Science, 4,5 hp

FKD3150, Literature Survey in Corrosion Science, 7,5 hp

FKD3160, Application Exercise in Corrosion Science, 7,5 hp

FKD3320, Trace Metal Analysis and Speciation, 2,5 hp

FKD3390, Physical Methods in Surface and Material Characterisation g, 3,0 hp

The following applies to all courses:

  • The doctoral student report that he or she intend to take the course to the course coordinator.
  • Before the start of the course, the course coordinator informs the doctoral student administrators which students are accepted.
  • The doctoral student administrators accepts the doctoral students from CBH to the course. Doctoral students who are admitted to one of the other schools at KTH must be registered by the school where he or she is admitted. 
Belongs to: School of Engineering Sciences in Chemistry, Biotechnology and Health (CBH)
Last changed: Apr 15, 2020