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NAVET Week Day 2 (part 1) at Stockholm University of the Arts

Time: Tue 2021-12-14 09.30 - 12.00

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“THE ROAD” Photograph: Franco Veloz
“THE ROAD” Photograph: Franco Veloz

Stockholm University of the Arts - Tuesday 14/12


9.30 Anders Larsson
9.55 Tove Dahlberg
10.20 Kent Olofsson
10.45 Break
11.00 Katta Pålsson, Ulrika Malmgren, Franco Veloz and Fares Qadri ”THE ROAD”
11.50 Introduction to and for those who wants a curated/choreographed walk to KMH

“Fading Lights – cross over from candle to LED” is a research project by Anders Larsson, Assistant lecturer of Technical Theatre. We want to develop an overview of historic lighting practice from a technical and design point of view. Within this overview, we look for missing links and try to debunk myths, based on information from different fields and practical testing. The experience with the artistic development project "Changement a vue" makes us confident that looking from a technical, practical angle creates new insights in the artistic domain as well. When the developed insights prove to be correct, even when confronted with other related fields (set, wig, costume) they become applicable for contemporary use. The understanding of history and heritage is fundamental for understanding the "now" and building the future. Looking from a historic perspective is inspirational for new design insights and helps understanding the quality of light in contemporary use. Collaboration with Chris Van Goethem (TEAD, Expertise Centre Technical Theatre).

Tove Dahlberg "Interaction and Intimacy" Tove is a PhD candidate in Opera. Her PhD project “Unchain the singer!” explores gender, performance norms and artistic agency in opera. In Tove Dahlberg's opinion, on the opera stage, gender is often portrayed in a clichéd and old-fashioned way. In addition, the opera world rests on obsolete structures and strict hierarchies. The art of opera is in need of contemporary transformation! Tove investigates how gender is performed by opera singers, how norms affect the performance and how this can be challenged. In a larger perspective, this has to do with what singers are expected and "allowed" to do with their bodies and voices in performance, and what possibilities they have to influence the overall interpretation of a piece. In her PhD project, Tove investigates whether and how new tools, approaches and work models can contribute to a change.

Kent Olofsson, professor of Performing Arts for the profile area Concept and Composition This profile area highlights and articulates questions around the initiation, formation, implementation and documentation of creative and artistic processes. The area includes inquiries about question formation, methods, experimentation, dramaturgy, lineage and influence. The formation of ideas and terminology, dramaturgical/narrative structures, interpretation, methodologies and documentation are key concepts, as are the area’s overarching critical terms – concepts and composition – which are understood and activated in the widest possible sense. This area integrates an exploration of the synergies and frictions that result from encounters between different disciplines, art forms, interpretations and performance traditions.

THE ROAD – a story about what it means to live and love in the shadow of the pandemic.
How will we survive when our loved ones die?
Who can we trust?
Can we find comfort and help in each other or are we hopelessly lost in grief and hatred?
After all, do we dare to fall in love again and hope for a future?
Based on Darling Desperado’s concept, the South African playwright Philisiwe Twijnstra has written this story about life under different circumstances and living conditions around the world. How our lives in the long run are connected – whether we want to or not. THE ROAD is a multi-disciplinary performing arts project that brings together artists from South Africa, France and Sweden through 3D animations, virtual reality and live theater.
The show can be seen both live and online. Funded by: Statens Kulturråd

For more information, contact Tinna Joné at

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