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Transforming the Colonial Archive exhibit at Tekniska

Time: Wed 2021-11-10 - Sun 2021-11-14

Location: Tekniska Museet

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In the Congo DR, not many photographs from the historical period remain. The Swedish missionaries active in the country were part of a process whereby they documented the existing culture in the places they settled – then set out to change or even destroy it. Boaventura de Sousa Santos terms this epistemicide: ”the destruction of knowledge and cultures of populations, of their memories and ancestral links and their manner of relating to others and to nature.” We still retain the scattered remains of this epistemicide in Sweden. In this project we explore how intercultural artistic research combined with interactive technologies can intervene by finding new ways of making the material accessible to its communities of origin. We do this by developing a set of requirements and design prototypes for the interactive archive-object, in collaboration with artists and makers in the Congo DR.

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