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The Kista Mentorspace is hosted by KTH and is open for all students and staff that want to work on an idea, prototype or project concept. The Mentorspace in Kista is hosted by KTH.

The philosophy of the mentorspace is different from a makerspace. Makerspaces are often financed by membership fees and mainly provide a shared facility to use expensive equipment for personal projects combining crafts and tech. However, the Mentorspace is free and underlines the value of knowledge sharing. It is open to all who agree with the concept of knowledge sharing and supporting others in the space.


The Mentorspace is open to students and external organisations such as businesses and community groups to work on an idea, prototype or project in the area of electrical engineering and computer science. But the space is very interdisciplinary and is frequently used by students and professionals from other disciplines as well. Konstfack, Karolinska Institutet and Stockholms stad are a few organisations that has used the Mentorspace for various workshops and prototyping. 

The Mentorspace is also engaging young students to uncover their passion through hands-on workshops that include mentors from industry and the local community.  

Use the Mentor space

The Mentorspace is free to use, and the equipment is donated by various organisations. Most of the material being used is rescued, repurposed and and recycled electronics. We also have donated equipment which includes two 3-D printers and a laser cutter.