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Real Estate Economics and Finance

The Division of Real Estate Economics and Finance studies real estate, housing and the real estate market. Teaching and research includes areas as real estate business, urban and regional development and housing economics based primarily on business administration and economics.

The division is one of the world’s largest environments for education both on the masters and doctoral level.

In the area of real estate, housing, and urban economics, there are a large number of social challenges. This concern questions about the functioning of the housing market, housing affordability, housing shortage, and over-indebtedness, and partly how the real estate sector should respond to the climate threat. In addition, there exist new research that applies real options models, e.g., for land valuation.

The research profile at the Division for Real Estate Economics and Finance can be described based on several themes. These include real estate economics and finance, housing economics, real options, and construction economics. The research focuses on commercial real estate markets and housing markets. 

Belongs to: Department of Real Estate and Construction Management
Last changed: Aug 17, 2021