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Strategic Research Areas (SRA)

In 2009, the Swedish government decided to invest in strategic research areas (SRA). Since 2010, KTH is responsible for the following five SRA: E-Science (SeRC), ICT (ICT TNG), Molecular Bioscience (SciLifeLab), Production research (XPRES) and Transport research (TRENoP).

Information and Communication Technology - The Next Generation (ICT TNH)

Here, the entire ICT chain is gathered from compasses to user interaction, collaboration with industry and other research institutes and higher education, where participating partners currently examine the highest number of new doctors in ICT in Sweden.

ICT-TNG is a consortium formed by KTH, Stockholm University, and Swedish ICT.

ICT - The Next Generation

Swedish e-Science Research Centre (SeRC)

The Swedish e-Science Research Centre (SeRC) is an environment within the strategic research area (SRA) of e-Science, funded by the Swedish government Strategic Research Area Initiative and based on a collaboration between four universities: Kungliga Tekniska högskolan (KTH), Stockholms universitet (SU), Karolinska institutet (KI) and Linköpings universitet (LiU)


SciLifeLab - Science for Life Laboratory

SciLifeLab, Science for Life Laboratory, is an institution for the advancement of molecular biosciences in Sweden, funded as a national research infrastructure by the Swedish government.

SciLifeLab started out in 2010 as a joint effort between four universities: Karolinska Institutet, KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm University and Uppsala University. Today, we support research activities at all major Swedish universities.


Transport Research Environment with Novel Perspectives (TRENoP)

TRENoP has the vision to contribute to the transformation of today's transportation system into a greener, smarter and safer system through the integration of policy and technology with a system perspective. 

KTH has a leading role in this collaboration with Linköping University and the State Road and Transport Research Institute (VTI).


XPRES - Excellence in production research (XPRES)

The mission of the Initiative for excellence in production research is to conduct production research in various focus areas.

KTH Royal Institute of Technology in cooperation with Mälardalens University Sweden and Swerea (Swedish Research). 

Website of XPRES