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Sanna Kuoppamäki new assistant professor within digital transformation in ageing societies research


Published Sep 21, 2021

The new KTH faculty member Sanna Kuoppamäki does research within the digital transformation in ageing societies. She is an Assistant Professor in Technology in Health Care at the Division of Health Informatics and Logistics/Department of Biomedical Engineering and Health Systems.

What is your research area?

A woman with blonde hair and a white blouse.
Sanna Kuoppamäki. Photo: KTH

“My research area is the digital transformation in ageing societies, and the impacts of digital technologies on health, well-being and care of older people. I’m interested in how digital health systems and artificial intelligence can transform care both at the organisational and individual level, and improve independent living and healthy ageing. This knowledge can be utilised, for instance, in developing age-friendly cities, and new housing solutions and concepts for older people,” Sanna Kuoppamäki says.

What are the large research challenges in your research area and why?

“To design digital transformation and AI-based solutions that really fit with the values in health care. These solutions should be more than optimising the efficiency of care work; they should also contribute positively to interactions between older adults, patients, caregivers and health care professionals. One major challenge is the application and deployment of new technologies and health systems in care organisations, and in the everyday lives of older people themselves. This requires that technologies need to be co-produced between developers and their customers.”

If you are looking for research collaborators, what competence is important?

“I enjoy working in multidisciplinary teams with engineers, designers and computer scientists. I believe that combining expertise on machine learning and AI with social and behavioral sciences we can create both responsible, but also effective solutions for the future. I’m also interested in collaboration with architects to develop new housing solutions to improve social connectedness and inclusion in later life.”

Describe one of your research results and why you chose it?

Photo: Pexels, Ron Lach

“In the Advanced Adaptive Intelligent Systems project, we are investigating how conversational agents could be adapted to the provision of instructional assistance for older adults in the kitchen. The kitchen is an exciting technical environment for both physical and cognitive training. With recipe planning, there is a potential to improve healthy ageing, nutrition and well-being for older adults in a specific task, which is cooking a meal at home.”

What do you like about Stockholm and KTH?

“KTH is really dynamic, and Stockholm has a fantastic entrepreneurial network too. Stockholm can provide a great mixture of innovation, business-driven mindset and beautiful nature.”

The AAIS - Advanced Adaptive Intelligent Systems - research project
Sanna Kuoppamäki KTH profile