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WASP-ED granted MSEK 18.6 to provide national modern and relevant education in AI

Published Jan 17, 2022

The Marcus and Marianne Wallenberg Foundation has granted MSEK 18.6 over three years to WASP-Ed, a new national program for educational development in artificial intelligence, AI. The project is lead by Linköping University, but KTH has a substantial part, mainly through the work packages on Technical Platform and Education Data and on Pedagogical Development and Learning Analytics.

The KTH part of the application has been processed by the Educational Transformation platform at Digital Futures .

Jan Gulliksen. Photo: KTH

”As KTH is one of the leading Swedish universities in AI and transformative technologies, this grant will give us the opportunities to take the next step in using AI for educational transformation, pedagogical development and learning analytics which is of utmost importance for the future development of education for the university and for society as a whole,” says Jan Gulliksen , Vice President for Digitalization and Professor in Human Computer Interaction at KTH, one of the researchers who wrote the WASP-ED application.

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