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KTH Energy Platform

KTH's platform for research in energy was created to support and catalyze interdisciplinary research in the energy field. An important goal is to facilitate interaction between expertise at KTH and external partners within academia, public organisations and companies with an interest in energy research.

KTH's Energy Platform connects more than 450 researchers in 30 research groups  and five competence centres  in 17 research areas  related to energy issues.


  • The GreenGrids-Flex project listed on IVA 100 list
    11 May 2022
    The GreenGrids-Flex research project, which creates more flexible electricity grids, is listed on the Royal Swedish Academy of Engineering Sciences (IVA) 100 list of 2022. It lists research projects d...
  • Research is irrelevant if we can't communicate it
    26 Apr 2022
    In November 2021, the KTH Energy Platform organized a poster competition during the KTH Energy Dialogue. Finally, I had the opportunity to share my research at a live event. Summarizing my research co...
  • TEDxSalonKTH speakers Lina Bertling Tjernberg, Björn Laumert and Anna Pernestål with moderator Donnie Lygonis. Photo: Fredrik Persson
    TEDxKTHSalon on green and clean energy live recording available
    30 Mar 2022
    Now, the live recorded exciting, interactive online TEDxKTHSalon conversation about transforming to green and clean energy with researchers from KTH from 24 March, is available.
  • Dancers in black clothes dancing.
    The Energy Dance project is intended to help communicate research findings and is organized by the KTH Energy Platform. Photo: Fredrik Persson
    Communicating research through dance
    28 Mar 2022
    Is it possible to communicate research through the medium of dance? The answer is a resounding yes if you ask participants of the Energy Dance project recently arranged by the KTH Energy Platform and ...
  • In March, the KTH Energy Platform hosted a study visit where researchers from eight Cuban universities sought new collaborations. Photo: Fredrik Persson
    Energy researchers from Cuba make study visit to KTH on search for knowledge and new collaborations
    28 Mar 2022
    The KTH campus was bathed in spring sunshine when eight researchers from seven different Cuban universities arrived on a study visit to the KTH Energy Platform. Contacts made on this visit are set to ...