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Knowledge platform from KTH researchers provide solutions for Europe's energy challenges

Published Sep 05, 2022

At last! A new semester is underway and we can meet to share experiences, knowledge and find new collaborations. KTH Energy Platform will be involved in several major events during the autumn.

A screenshot from Rapport with a researcher and anchor.
Lina Bertling Tjernberg in SVT Rapport encourages politicians to collaborate and absorb knowledge to solve challenges in the electricity supply.

Interest has never been greater in the energy field. Every day we all read and listen to news about today's energy challenges, and the media has repeatedly made room for KTH energy researchers  during the summer.

KTH Energy Platform seeks to contribute knowledge and solutions to today’s challenges. An example of this is the popular science anthology Towards the energy of the future – the invisible revolution behind the electrical socket  that we published together with independent Swedish non-profit membership organisation VA (Public & Science). We are now planning to add additional chapters on more subjects - if you would like to contribute your knowledge to one of the new chapters, get in touch!

We are also a source of the knowledge and methods that can solve today’s energy challenges in strategic and long-term ways. The fact that we are making a difference can be seen, for example, with our inclusion on Sweden’s Energy Power List , which was presented during Dagens industri’s “Energy Day” during Almedalen week in July. To earn a place on this prestigious list, nominees must be shown to influence debate on energy issues and impact energy sector trends and investments.

Among all the events in Almedalen where the platform participated was the Energy Strategy podcast (Energistrategi-podden), here you can listen to an interview afterwards .

During the autumn semester, the Energy Platform is organising two major events: KTH Energy Dialogue 2022 on 17 November , and Framtidens kompetens för ett uthålligt energisystem (Competences of the Future for a Resilient Energy System) on 5 December . The latter is both a networking event and a dialogue that focuses on the energy sector’s considerable need for a range of skill sets in the future.

Internationally, the energy sector is struggling to grow sufficiently to meet the transition to a sustainable society. There is a glaring need for talented people as we create an energy-independent Europe with a focus on sustainability. We all need these skill sets to succeed, so our event focuses on collaboration with the goal of building bridges and enabling industry, government and academia to meet.

Click here for the programme and registration

The theme for KTH’s Energy Platform this year is cooperation and internationalisation. This is also the theme of this year’s KTH Energy Dialogue in which researchers, students and representatives from industry and society will gather to share knowledge and inspiration. 

This year’s programme is still being planned, but we can reveal one of our main speakers: Tobias Krantz. This spring, Tobias was appointed chairman of the European high-level group for a green transition, which will address issues such as how research and development contributes to a green transition. 

This year, the KTH Energy Dialogue takes place on 17 November, register here today

During the autumn semester, the Energy Platform is continuing with its series of visits to KTH departments. The purpose of the visits is to identify new forms of collaboration between colleagues by visiting research environments and taking part in other colleagues’ research. This aligns with the Platform’s goal of creating open meeting spaces and an equal forum where everyone feels welcome - an environment where we can move forward together.

The purpose of the first visit, to KTH Live in Lab, is intended to gain an insight into all the exciting experiments being done in this unique test bed by researchers at KTH and by companies. After each visit, we share knowledge gained in articles in the newsletter. Do not hesitate to contact us if you would like us to visit your department or research group. 

Don’t miss the chance to apply for funding for interdisciplinary collaborations in energy research from the Energy Platform. Funding of up to SEK 50,000 per project is available in 2022.

Yours sincerely,

Lina Bertling Tjernberg
Director, KTH Energy Platform