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Welcome back after the summer break!

Published Aug 27, 2020

As an unusual summer draws to a close, it’s time to get together once again to jointly contribute to the development of the energy sector. KTH’s Energy Platform is an inclusive meeting place for all researchers at KTH with an interest in the energy sector. It is where we have created an independent platform that welcomes differing approaches and encourages co-operation across silos.

I would also like to take this opportunity to welcome you to this year’s KTH Energy Dialogue, which will be hosted as a vibrant digital meeting on Thursday, November 19th.

This year’s event will be somewhat shorter than usual, and will focus on panel discussions relating to the role of research in addressing energy challenges in Sweden and internationally. Focus will also be on presenting new research findings in pre-recorded presentations. You are welcome to attend and contribute with your own research presentation – all are welcome – contact me for details.

KTH Energy Dialogue will be live streamed in the same way as our “Energy Transition and the Way There” webinar in June. If you missed it, you’ll find a recording of the seminar here along with an article about the event.

Even though we would have preferred to hold a physical meeting, we hope we can offer a digital event in which we both present KTH’s research and build further on our collaboration and co-operation with society. If you have ideas or suggestions for the programme, or would like to get involved in planning the event, please contact me!

The KTH Energy Platform’s reference group has been updated with new representatives from the school of ABE and EECS. We welcome Carlo Fischione, Professor of Internet of Things at EECS School, Ulla Mörtberg Associate Professor and Pernilla Hagbert, Researcher both at ABE School. 

You’ll find our full reference group and contact details here .

Among the upcoming activities we have planned for the autumn, we are looking forward to continuing with our visits at the KTH schools, although this term they will be digital. During these visits, we have the opportunity of listening to each school’s unique needs at the same time as we gain an understanding of research environments and labs, as well as all the exciting research that is being done. First up is a tour of the ITM school on September 15th, with our ABE school visit scheduled after that.

Don’t miss the opportunity to participate in upcoming calls for proposals made by the Swedish Energy Agency and the EU (A European Green Deal). Read more about these calls in this article . The KTH Energy Platform also offers grants to those who want to initiate new partnerships between different research groups. Contact me to find out more!

See you soon, 

Lina Bertling Tjernberg

Picture of Linas head and shoulders. Wearing a black jacket.