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About cookies on the KTH website

On the KTH website, so-called cookies are used, a type of text file that is stored on the device the visitor uses. KTH uses these to ensure functionality and to analyze user behavior in order to improve the website.

Permanent and temporary cookies

KTH uses both permanent and temporary cookies.

Permanent cookies are stored on your device for the time allotted by the system that set them, or until you as a visitor delete them.

Temporary cookies, so-called session cookies, are only stored temporarily when you are on the website and are not saved for your next visit. Temporary cookies are deleted when you close the browser or when the session time has expired.

Temporary cookies are used on the parts of the website that require login and for certain interactive services.

If the service contains a logout function, the cookie is deleted when logging out, otherwise it remains until you close the browser. The cookie contains an ID designation so that the system can identify you after logging in. For services that do not require login, the cookie is used so that the service can keep track of the choices you make and provide relevant information based on these.

Necessary cookies

Some cookies are necessary for the website to work. If you visit pages that set such cookies, you can’t disallow them. This applies, for example, to pages that are cookie-based for their basic functionality, such as filling in forms or logging in to a web service. The service that allows you to disallow unnecessary cookies is such an example.

Non-essential cookies

Cookies that are not considered necessary for the basic functionality of the website fall into the categories below. When you visit the website for the first time, you are given the opportunity disallow these cookies in a special dialog box. The services that depend on them will then not work.

External video services

The website contains media that is embedded from third-party providers such as Youtube, Vimeo and Kaltura. When these media are played, the video services can use cookies and local storage of information. If you have declined the type of cookies in the cookie settings on the website, you have the opportunity to reset your choice where such media occur.

Analysis and tracking

The website uses Matomo (on premise) to evaluate and improve the website's content, experience and structure. The collection of information is anonymised. The service sets cookies in the browser and you can disallow them.


The website contains pages that by cookies communicate with advertising services and social media. You also have the opportunity to say no to these cookies.

Read more about the handling of cookies on The Swedish Post and Telecom Authority’s website

If you regret the cookie settings you have made, you can delete the cookie that has saved your choices. The cookie is called "klaro". See the documentation for your browser for information on how to find and delete set cookies.

When the cookie has been deleted, you will see the dialog box again and the opportunity to make other choices.