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The content of is also available via RSS feeds. RSS (Really Simple Syndication) is a technology by which you subscribe to website content. In other words, you can monitor changes on the site even when you are not visiting it.

RSS symbol

To receive KTH’s RSS feeds, you need an RSS reader.

Most web browsers have built-in support for RSS. For example with Internet Explorer, the RSS symbol can be found in one of the web browser’s toolbars. When you visit a web site with RSS feeds, you can click on the arrow next to the RSS symbol and open up the available RSS feeds. Click on the feed you want to monitor and the content will be shown in the web browser with a framed subscription link in the top part. Click on this to subscribe to the content. The RSS feeds you subscribe to are shown under a separate tab next to your Favourites.

If you use Outlook Express, the feeds are also displayed in a separate RSS-box next to your Inbox. Under the menu Tools > Accounts > RSS tab, you can change the target box in Outlook for your RSS feeds.

For separate RSS program software, other settings apply.

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