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Introduction to the Swedish society, language and culture

This credit-free course puts emphasis on everyday life in Sweden and aims to give the students basic, “survival” skills in the Swedish language as well as an introduction to Swedish history, culture and modern society. The course offers different tracks, allowing the students to decide themselves what they want to achieve and how much time they want to devote to the course.

Eligible students

Degree-seeking fee-paying students doing their first semester at KTH, including scholarship holders within this category, as well as students participating in a Study Abroad Programme, are guaranteed a spot in the course.

After finishing the Introductory course, students belonging to this category have the possibility to apply for two more courses in the Swedish language: Swedish for advanced beginners  during the second semester at KTH and Professional Swedish  during the third semester.

Other international students are welcome to take the introductory course, but are not eligible for the two courses Swedish for advanced beginners and Professional Swedish. Students in this category wanting to learn more Swedish should instead find out about their possibilities to take our credit-giving courses in Swedish .

Course design

The course is offered every autumn semester (period 1 and 2), and starts in mid-September. Participation is free of charge and the course does not give grades or academic credits.

Since not all students have the same goals and amount of time, the course is divided into three parts: a short introduction, followed by two different tracks. The students can participate in all three parts, or only one or two of them.

A short introduction to Sweden and the Swedish language

For students who don’t have the time or interest to take a whole course but still want to the learn the basics of the Swedish language (for example to say ”thank you” or how to pronounce those strange letters å, ä, ö) and some basic facts about life in Sweden, we offer three introductory lectures in September. When signing up for the introduction, students will also get access to an online self study course so that they can continue learning Swedish in their own pace after the introduction. 

Two tracks

For students who want to learn more about the Swedish language and society after the introduction, we offer two tracks: Swedish language and Swedish culture. The student can choose to participate in one or both of the tracks.


On all tracks, teaching is given in the form of lectures (late afternoon). Track 1 also includes individual work with online exercises. Detailed schecules for all tracks will be published on this page before the start of the application period.


The application form for the autumn semester 2024 will be available on this page from 19 August  2024.


For questions about application, eligibility, course content etc, please contact Karin Borell

After this course

Fee-paying Master's students who have finished Track 1 are eligible for the next course, Swedish for advanced beginners  in Spring 2024. During their third semester at KTH, these students may continue with the third course, Professional Swedish .

Other international Master's students wanting to learn more Swedish should instead find out about their possibilities to take our credit-giving courses in Swedish .