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Swedish for advanced beginners

This course is open for fee-paying Master’s students and scholarship holders. It is devised to bridge the gap between the elementary and intermediate level of Swedish and will have a faster and steeper progression than the Introduction to Swedish Language and Culture with more focus on the Swedish language. You will improve your practical language skills (reading, listening, writing and speaking) and expand your grammar and vocabulary. Upon completing the course, you will have reached a level between A2 and B1 according to CEFR, the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages.

Eligible students

The number of participants is limited. Fee-paying Master’s students and scholarship holders who have passed the online test from Introduction to Swedish Language and Culture are given priority to the course.

Other international Master’s students and exchange students with basic level of Swedish are strongly recommended to apply for LS1512 Swedish A2 for Engineers (7.5 credits).


Besides the scheduled 1.5 hours, the workload can be up to 3 hours a week depending on your initial level of Swedish. Please be aware that attending the classes only without doing the individual work will make you fall behind quickly. Do not take the course unless you are serious about committing to learning Swedish in a systematic way and investing time in this enterprise.


In the spring of 2024, the classes will be taught on KTH main campus, once weekly, from January to May, altogether 13 meetings.

Group 1: Mondays 16-18 (start date: January 22)

Group 2: Tuesdays 16-18 (start date: January 23)

Final tests and certificate

Although non-credit, the course will end with a final written and speaking test. Passing the final tests and an attendance of minimum 75% entitle you to receiving a course certificate.


Passed final test from Introductory course: Swedish language and culture or a similar basic Swedish course (CEFR A1).


The application is open from December 19 to January 7. No late admissions. 60 seats available – first come, first served.

Students who have taken the course Introduction to Swedish Language can find the application form in Canvas.