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Language and communication for international master and exchange students

Language and communication offers international master and exchange students not only courses in Swedish as foreign languages, but also the ability to improve their English in both speech and writing during their study period here at KTH. The credit giving courses are mainly for exchange students, while non-credit and no-fee courses are mainly for international master students.

Non-credit and no-fee courses

Fee paying International Students and fellow Masters Degree Students, including Erasmus Mundus, EIT, and SAP students, who study at KTH for the first time in the autumn semester, are welcome to read the following four non-credit courses, all of which are free of charge:

Pre-sessional course: Study skills and English for academic purposes  in August, before your first semester at KTH.

Master's studies at KTH are held in English, but for international master's students who want to learn Swedish, we also offer a package of three courses:

Introduction to the Swedish society, language and culture  the first semester at KTH, period 1-2.

Swedish for advanced beginners  the second semester at KTH, period 3-4.

Professional Swedish for Master students  the third semester at KTH, period 3-4.

Credit-bearing courses

Most exchange students at KTH study one or more courses in Swedish. 

Swedish online course for all international students

Swedish for international students

Swedish is the language of instruction for beginners and advanced courses in other languages, and Swedish is therefore a prerequisite for those courses. At the B and C level, the target language serves as the language of instruction, therefore the courses are open to international students without knowledge of Swedish.

Certificate of global competence

In their future roles, KTH students need to communicate and work in environments characterised by cultural and social diversity. Global competence is increasingly demanded in professional life and is a prerequisite for working successfully in our global society. In order to satisfy this need, KTH offers a Certificate of Global Competence, which consists of three parts; two courses and your stay in Sweden.

Certificate of global competence

Language café and tandempartner

In addition to the language courses, you may go to language cafés  and/or get a language tandem partner .


If you have questions, send an e-mail to  or .